Come Join Us In Beautiful San Diego

20130509-112351.jpgGood Day Readers!

Last night on the corporate call we announced a special contest that is ON NOW! Those that were on the call have a slight head start… but there is PLENTY of time for you NEWBIES to take advantage!

We are going to be giving away FIVE TICKETS to the upcoming launch conference on NEXT WEEK’S CALL!

How can you enter you name to win one of these tickets? Simple. Just have 3 new Associates join your Inspired Team this week. For every 3 you bring aboard, your name goes into the hat. We will randomly choose 5 names from the hat and give away a ticket to each!

If you already have a ticket, then you can give the one you just earned away to someone on your Inspired Team!
If you are serious about taking your iLA business somewhere GREAT by the end of this year, you and your team really need to be in San Diego with us.

Check out the details of the conference here:

it’s easy to do…Now, go out and sponsor 3—and help those on your team do the same. And we will SEE YOU IN SAN DIEGO!

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